Where’s the Beefalo?

The ultimate source of beef has been shown to be 35.15 percent up to 37.5 percent bison. This combination of cattle breeds has been dubbed the “beefalo.”

Larry Hacker of Northwest Arkansas sells more beefalo breeding stock than anyone in the nation, while surprisingly Hacker and his wife, Nelda, originated from humble roots.

“I grew up in town but knew I would enjoy life on a farm just as well,” Nelda Hacker said. “We started out with a few cattle and then purchased two beefalo heifers when we were introduced to the breed.”

Today the Hackers keep about 70 cows on their 80 acres of land while simultaneously selling breeding stock from West Virginia to Colorado to Minnesota to Texas.

The advantages of this combination of cattle breeds are numerous, from the animal containing much leaner meat boasting lower cholesterol than other cows, to the laid-back nature the breed requires throughout its life, including the usually difficult task of birth.

The Hackers have also demonstrated their generosity through their involvement in the program known as the Heifer Chain.


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