News Feature Lede Exercise:

2. “My wife is handicapped and she’s supposed to have an operation. Our medical coverage is running out. Tell me what I’m supposed to do.”

Bill Klisch, a 51 year old ex-Chrysler worker, vocalizes the inner turmoil that has been running through his head since he found out he was being laid off from his job.

Klisch and about 44,000 other previous employees of Chrysler attended a mock funeral on April 1 with their families in remembrance of their careers, after living without jobs for over five months, protesting their near future that will consist of state unemployment benefits.

3. Five years later and Lillian Garland has secured the careers of millions of women who will never know the rejection that she was forced to face solely because of the birth of her child.

Five years after suing her former place of employment, California Federal Savings & Loan, that refused to give Garland her job back after first granting her maternity leave, the Supreme Court ruled in Garland’s favor and ordered that employers must grant up to four months’ unpaid disability leave and guarantee a job for mothers when they return.


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